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Roll Screen, Roll Blinds

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A Must-Have for Trendy Rooms
Create a fresh new look with our charming window treatments for your stylish space.
ARPA is the best solution for your windows.


Fabrics being rolled up and down, roll screen controls the incoming quantity of sunlight and provides a look of simple and neat impression. Adjusting the light and screening outside are allowable and transmittance ratio of light depends upon the fabrics. (Fabrics are available from Black out material 100% blocking the sunlight up to Burn out material letting the part of sunlight come in.)

Material: Polyester

Example (Roll Screen)

RJ-86 RJ-88 LR-83 LR-82
LR-80 SJ-127 SJ-129 JG-111
JG-114 JG-113 JG-112 SJ-130
SJ-128 RJ-91 RJ-92 RJ-87
RJ-85 RJ-94   MJ-97
MJ-96 MJ-98 BO-100 BO-99
BO-101 BO-103 BO-102 BO-104
JG-116 YS-151 ES-150 NY-109
SJ-134 SJ-133 SJ-131 SJ-132
KS-175 KS-176 KS-177 KS-178
SS-181 SS-180 SJ-179 YS-153
YS-151 YS-152 YS-154 YS-155
YS-156 TC-182 TC-183 TC-184
ST-158 ST-157 MJ-95 NY-106
NY-107 NY-105 NY-110 NY-108
JG-123 JG-124 JG-125 JG-126
JG-120 JG-119 JG-125 JG-126
SJ-135 SJ-136 SJ-137 SJ-138
SJ-139 SJ-140 SJ-141 SJ-142
LM-185 LM-186 LM-187 LM-188
LM-189 LM-190 LM-191 LM-192
LM-193 LM-194 LM-195 LM-196
LM-197 LM-198 LM-199 LM-200
ST-143 ST-144 ST-145 ST-146

With a variety of patterns and colors available by fabrics, it provides a light adjusting effect, which brings us an enjoyable reputation continuously from the customers. Color is selectable and smooth operation maximizing user's convenience and durability were taken into consideration. It is designed in a way the inside can't be seen from outside to provide daytime privacy and also block the sun light effectively.