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Honey Comb, Blinds

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A Must-Have for Trendy Rooms
Create a fresh new look with our charming window treatments for your stylish space.
ARPA is the best solution for your windows.


This product is a honeycombed folding blind. Various colors and options are available.
Honeycomb goes with any window!

It's a honeycombed structure and its specially worked fabric in up & down system in the honeycombed pleating form through a special processing of fabric is resistant to discolor and easy to clean. (For cleaning, simply dust off the fabric with a duster.) A wide variety of colors provides an effect of luxurious interior and effective in giving the insulation and soft feeling by the production of air space. In addition, the very small volume is ideal for the system window and various colors optimize the interior mood.


This is a pleated horizontal blind. Specially processed fabric made of Polyester is free from discolor or bleach, and greatly helps screen the UV rays. In addition, adoption of duo-light enables to help adjust the quantity of light transmission and fabric with various color sense is very becoming into the modern interior mood.