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Wood Blinds

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  • South Korea South Korea
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A Must-Have for Trendy Rooms
Create a fresh new look with our charming window treatments for your stylish space.
ARPA is the best solution for your windows.


Maintaining the natural texture of hardwood the way it is, Woodblind has the luxurious and sophisticated feeling as it is. It is a functional product that screens the inside and ventilates as well by free slat control.

  1. Slat strings are organized with thick and strong strings and guarantee a long life.
  2. One-cord typed operating cord integrating the longitudinal lift cord and the slat controller in one.
  3. Simple and tidy handle.
  4. Interior article suitable any place including home, office, etc.

Width of Slat : 50mm / Thickness of Slat : 3mm

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