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  • South Korea South Korea
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It's an idea product developed to have the combination of the merits of the existing Venetian blind and roll shades.
KFT-Osung succeeded in localizing the decoration materials of doors and windows that had been exclusively and
expensively marketed by foreign brands. Our Triple Shades product has combination of fabric design of the curtain and
opening/closing function in the middle part of the blind, the value of which is widely recognized in its design and
function. Clear outside view is secured as the light is softly penetrated through the sheer fabric of double fabric slats.
It is also an eco-friendly and functional product that helps saving energy.

◇ Outside can be viewed through the semi- transparent fabric, while

    the fabric filters inward light.

◇ Opaque fabric reduces heat and protects privacy.

◇ Soft shades expresses the dignified and cozy living space with soft

    and classy environment.

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